Stainless Steel Plasma Instruments

Stainless Steel Plasma Instruments

  • Plasma Coated Stainless steel instruments.
  • Manufactured Using Best Medical Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Five Year Warranty* On Rusting Of Instruments.
  • Allow for Pleasant And Precisive Instrumentation
  • With Purchase Of 6 SS Forceps, Get Black Autocalvable Cassette Free.

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Stainless Steel Elevators

Code- SDSMP01
Molt Periosteal Elevator

Code- SDSCS02
Coupland Elevator Stright 3mm

Code- SDSCS03
Coupland Elevator Stright 5mm

Code- SDSCB04
Coupland Elevator Bent

Code- SDSAS05
Apexo Elevator Straight

Code- SDTAR06
Apexo Elevator Right

Code- SDTAL07
Apxo Elevator Left

Code- SDTCR08
Cryer Elevator Right

Code- SDTCL09
Cryer Elevator Left

Stainless Steel Root Elevators

Code- SDSCO10
Coleman Straight Elevator

Code- SDSSS11
Spade Straight Dental Root Elevator

Code- SDSRA12
Apical Root Elevator

Code- SDSRB13
Bein Root Elevator 3mm

Stainless Steel Forceps

Code- SDSF01
Upper Incisors & Canine Forcep 01

Code- SSDSF02
Upper Incisor & Canine Forcep 02

Code- SDSF03
Upper Premolars Forcep

Code- SDSF04
Upper Molars Forcep Right

Code- SDSF05

Code- SDSF06
Upper Roots Forcep

Code- SDSF07
Upper Third Molars Forcep

Code- SDSF08
Upper Incisors & Premolars Forcep Gripping In Depth

Code- SDSF41
Upper Molars Standard Diamond Forcep Right

Code- SDSF51
Upper Molars Standard Diamond Forcep Left

Code- SDSF09
Lower Roots & Incisors Forcep

Code- SDSF10
Lower Premolars Forcep

Code- SDSF11
Lower Molars Forcep Standard Beak

Code- SDSF12
Lower Roots Forcep

Code- SDSF13
Lower Third Molar Forcep

Code- SDSF14
Lower Molars Universal Forcep

Code- SDSF15
Lower Premolars Forcep Gripping In Depth

Stainless Steel Sinus Lift Kit

Code- SDSSL17
Sinus Lift Kit Set of 8

Stainless Steel Composite Instruments

Code- SDSSC18

Stainless Steel Gracey Curette Set

Code- SDSGC19
Gracey Curette Set

Stainless Steel Luxtor Set

Code- SDSLX20
SS Luxtor Set of 6

Stainless Steel Other Instruments

Code- SDSOM14
Osteotome Mallet

Code- SDSBP16
BP Handle

Code- SDSAB21
Adson Brown Tissue Forcep