CSSD Sterilization Products

CSSD Products

  • CSSD products are Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) products.
  • Infection Control practice includes A system of measures which are directed at preventing development and spread of Infectious disease in a healthcare facility are included for Infection Control practice.
  • Get roll sealing machine with 1 Year free warranty on purchase of 3 sterilization roll.
  • Get fifth roll free * On purchase of 4 rolls. * Of minimum Value.

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Sterilization Rolls & Pouches

Disposable Sterilization Roll 50mm(2")*200m Code-SDCSR01
Disposable Sterilization Roll 75mm(3")*200m Code-SDCSR02
Disposable Sterilization Roll 100mm(4")*200m Code-SDCSR03
Disposable Sterilization Roll 150mm(6")*200m Code-SDCSR04
Disposable Sterilization Roll 200mm(8")*200m Code-SDCSR05
Disposable Sterilization Roll 250mm(10")*200m Code-SDCSR06
Disposable Sterilization Roll 300mm(12")*200m Code-SDCSR07
Disposable Self Sealing Pouches 57mm*(100+30)mtr Code-SDCSP08
Disposable Self Sealing Pouches 75mm*(230+30)mtr Code-SDCSP09
Disposable Self Sealing Pouches 90mm*(230+30)mtr Code-SDCSP10
Disposable Self Sealing Pouches 135mm*(250+30)mtr Code-SDCSP11

Other CSSD Products

Code- SDCWM12
Sterilization Wraping Material SMS Non Woven Fabric

Code- SDCFA13
Table Top Flash Autoclave(3 KW 23 Litres)

Code- SDCFA14
Table Top Flash Autoclave(6 KW 45 Litres)

Code- SDCUC15
Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaner

Code- SDCC16
Black Autoclavable Instrument Sterilization Cassette(For Luxators/Forceps)

Code- SDCC17
Black Autoclavable Instrument Sterilization Cassette(For Elevators)