Titanium Dental Instruments

Titanium Dental Instruments

  • Manufactured Using Highly Ductile, Highest Medical Grade V Titanium.
  • Titanium Grade V is strongest alloy with High specific strength and High dimensional stability.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance makes it Rust Free Instruments With High Strength.
  • Biologically Inert Material To Give Maximum Protection to Tissues.
  • Maintaining High Quality For setting New Standards In Clinical Practice.
  • With Purchase Of 6 Titanium Elevators/Luxators, Get Black Autoclavable Cassette Free*
  • Properties of Ti Grade V include:
    Compressive strength 848-1080 Mpa
    Elastic limit 786-910 Mpa
    Endurance limit 529 - 566 Mpa
    Fracture toughness 84 -107 Mpa
    Hardness 3370 - 3730 Mpa
    Modules of rupture 529 -566 Mpa
    Tensile strength 862 -1200 Mpa

Quick Enquiry

Titanium Elevators

Code- SDTMP01
Molt Periosteal Elevator

Code- SDTCS02
Coupland Elevator Straight 3mm

Code- SDTCS03
Coupland Elevator Straight 5mm

Code- SDTCB04
Coupland Elevator Bent

Code- SDTCB05
Apexo Elevator Straight

Code- SDTAR06
Apexo Elevator Right

Code- SDTAL07
Apexo Elevator Left

Code- SDTCR08
Cryer Elevator Right

Code- SDTCL09
Cryer Elevator Left

Titanium Periotome

Code- SDTFP10
Flexible Ti Periotome Set (Anterior, Pre molars& Posterior)

Titanium Root Elevators

Code- SDTWS11
Warwick James Elevator Set Straight

Code- SDTWJ12
Warwick James Elevator Set Right & Left

Titanium Luxators Kit

Code- SDTLX13
Luxator Kit of 6 Instrument (Straight Blade 1m & 4mm, Curved Blade, Contra Angle, Inverted curve, Dual Edge)

Titanium Sinus Lift

  • Bone Packing Instrument- One end is flattened to separate the Schneiderian membrane from maxillary bone and other end to pack bone graft.
  • Sinus Lift Instrument- One end to reflect Schneiderian membrane and other end to separate and elevate the reflected membrane.
  • Bone Graft Instrument- One end is flat to elevate membrane and transfer bone graft and other end is spoon shaped to pack graft .
  • Sinus Lift Curette- Mirror image ends with spoon shaped tips to reflect membranous lining of sinus cavity. Available in two sizes- Small and Medium.

Code- SDTSL14
Sinus Lift Kit ( Sinus Lift Instrument, Bone Packer, Sinus Lift Curettes, Bone Graft Instrument)

Titanium Other Instruments

Code- SDTTF15
Tissue Forceps

Code- SDTdS16
Dressing Scissor

Code- SDTOC17
Osteotome Chisel