Products for Personal Protection

Products for Personal Protection

Covid 19 Products for Personal Protection

  • Personal Protective Equipment is the “specialized clothing or equipment worn for protection against infectious diseases.
  • Improve personnel safety in the healthcare environment through appropriate use of PPE.

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Code- SDDSS23
90 Gsm Disposable sms Gown

Code- SDDSS24
70 Gsm Disposable sms Gown

Code- SDDSC25
Shoe cover Disposable HM LD

Code- SDDSC26
Shoe cover Disposable HM LD

Code- SDDSC27
Head Cap

Code- SDDPP28
PPE Kit Regular

Code- SDDP29
PPE Kit Cover All

Code- SDDSG30
Safety Goggles

Code- SDDFS31
Face Shield

Code- SDDNM32
N 95 Mask

Code- SDDIR33
IR Thermometer

Sequence for Donning PPE:

  • Sterile Gown, Shoe cover and Hood first
  • Sterile Mask or respirator
  • Sterile Goggles and Face shield
  • Sterile Gloves

"Combination of PPE will affect sequence"