Modular dental chair (SD Innovative Fab Model)

Skyloc Dentec has emerged as the most trusted brand for innovation and quality control. Dental chair units are manufactured using best in class materials keeping in mind trendy designs and doctor requirements. The dental chair is fully automated and has rust-free, sturdy design, with a PU/microfibre cushion. Six to Nine multi-functional positions and aspects like top/down mounted tool tray, foot control, water heating system, rotatable spittoon, adjustable headrest, and backrest, with double armrest. A high-pressure suction system, high-speed and low-speed hand piece, scaler and cuing light connector, three-way syringe, and set saliva ejector.

Product Code: SDADU01 Category:

2-hole high speed Air turbine handpiece connector 2 sets
2-hole low speed Air turbine handpiece connector
Three-way syringe cold and hot
Down mounted tool tray
All directional headrest
Rotary assistant tray
24V X film viewer
LED Operation lamp
Strong and weak suction
Water heating system
Rotatable ceramic cuspidor
Dentist stool
Square foot pedal
PU leather
Both Pneumatic suction outputs at assistant side
Connectors for handpiece, scaler, curing light, air compressor, Oral Camera System