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16September 2022

Online shopping is not just for everyday items like vacuum cleaners and external storage drives. Platforms like Skylocdentec, wherein health care facilities and dental practitioners can Buy Dental Tools Online by choosing from a wide selection of high-quality equipment, analyzing the specs and pricing, and having them at their destination safely. You can have specialized medical resources for smart dental clinic.

Since dentists are, in a sense, dealing with medical issues, they need to exercise extreme precautions when choosing dental devices and equipment because poor choices could have serious negative effects on patients.

As a result, we are outlining some key recommendations in this column that must be observed while buying dental products from internet stores.

  • The most important initial step is assessment.

Verify that the company is functioning lawfully and selling the goods with the necessary permissions. Verify for user ratings, if you can get in touch with someone in your professional network who has previously purchased from the business, and then proceed as necessary.

  • The second step

To determine whether the business has a large portfolio of equipment in stock. A sufficient inventory is necessary to avoid having to wait for deliveries, which would postpone the distribution of the required items.

  • Verifying Payment Channels

The business providing dentistry equipment digitally should offer several methods of payment and trusted payment channels. The first is a must because buyers will disclose sensitive and private information that must be safeguarded. The latter aspect will be crucial for medical facilities with limited resources that may choose Installment and credit options.

  • Shipping Information

Verify and confirm the product’s shipping and delivery costs. First, determine whether the supplies can be delivered to the specified area. Next, find the amount of the delivery fee from the business. Sometimes, most sellers demand additional shipping charges for specific areas, which might raise the dentist’s or facility’s overall costs.

Ask and clarify, finally if the supplier of the equipment has helpful before- and after-sales consumer personnel who can be contacted in the occurrence of any issue or problem.


3D Intraoral Scanner & Its Applications

With the evolution of technology, orthodontics has advanced throughout the period and reached new heights. It has simplified dentists’ tasks and increased patient happiness and satisfaction.

The utilization of intraoral scanners, a tool that records optical imprints for dentists, is one example of how technology has advanced the discipline and its application and it is now highly desirable after. The dental industry has drastically enhanced and become more diverse since the development of this equipment and its associated components.

The development in the use of this imprint process has largely been attributed to the good response from the dental community.


Benefits of 3D Intraoral Scanner

Saves Time: Compared to the prior procedure, this approach allows dentists to serve quite as many clients as possible quickly, which results in far more patients and more revenue.

Safety: The Intraoral scanner is safe and protected for dental professionals to administer to their patients because it does not release unnecessary radioactivity.

Effective: It enables dentists to treat a patient effectively and quickly.

Precision: The latest cutting-edge 3-D video innovations are used by these intraoral scanners to accurately capture the structure and outlines of the mouth. allowing the dentist to provide precise and suitable treatment by having the proper image and measurements of the patient’s teeth structure.

Ease of Communication:  Whenever patients undergo this technique, it makes them sound more engaged in their therapy, leading to more efficient interaction. Additionally, given the excitement around innovation, this provides them the impression that they are being treated well and they will tell their friends and associates about it. You inadvertently effectively promoted and marketed the IOS.

The intra-oral scanner is been implemented and put to use in a variety of dental settings, including surgeries, orthodontics, and the fabrication of repairs as well as diagnostics and customization of prosthetics. Although its primary usage is for diagnostics, it also serves the following other objectives:

It is utilized in prostheses to create imprints of tooth structure to fabricate a variety of prosthetic restorations.

3-D IOS is utilized in surgeries to identify every aspect of the incisal edges with the highest level of precision. It is a helpful orthodontics tool for evaluation and treatment plans.


Skyloc Dentecs 3D Intraoral Scanner Specs 

  • Fast Impression Taken

Linear scanning speed up to 80 mm/s

Full arch scanning up to 90mm/s

  • Humanised Scanner Tip Design

New smaller tip, with temperature control, making it comfortable for patients while in the mouth.

  • Screw Type Cable Connection

Better cable and handpiece connection

  • Fashion & Light Handpiece Design

Streamline design with a net weight of 210gm making it convenient to handle and operate.

  • New AI Scanning Function

Detects and removes extra softer tissues, auto labeling of jaws, etc.

  • 3D Real Color

Strong color detection between teeth and softer tissues making it clear to the doctor for further processing.

  • Cloud Share

The scanned data can be shared via QR code, making communication compatible between doctor and patient, cutting the communication costs as well.

  • Complete Online Support System

Covering all aspects from basic scanning to software functions with images and texts making it easier to understand.



The IOS does have more benefits than the prior technologies. First, it lessens the agony and tension that patients experience during their treatments. Additionally, they save time and have made dental operations much simpler for both the dental practitioner and the patients.

Despite having several limitations, such as difficulty in detecting hidden margins line in prepped teeth, and high purchase and upkeep costs. It does, however, have a broad range of applications and should not be disregarded.

3D IOS is probably the way that dentistry will develop, and incorporating them into your office will put you ahead of the game in terms of dental treatment.


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