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19October 2022

Your dental practice is a crucial part of your business, and its success largely depends on proper equipment and operational practices. Dental water distillers can help ensure you have the supplies you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Water distillers allow dentists to take control of their distilled water supply to ensure patient safety and protect their expensive dental equipment.

“Not just dental equipment but also keep your staff & patients containment free”

Our 1.5 L dental water distiller is the perfect tool for daily use and to clean contamination in your dental appliances. With an integrated carrying handle, this powerful distiller will make the water taste clean and refreshing. Whether you need distilled water to clean your dental equipment or use it for autoclave our water distiller can solve any problem; we provide high-quality tools so that you can trust us with your daily consumption needs.

Reasons For Dentists Needing Dental Purity:-

These reasons also make it water distiller a vital piece of equipment used in medical and dental clinics.

  • Bacterial and Biofilm

The American Dental Association reports that several bacteria, fungi, and microbes have been found to live in dentistry equipment waterlines.

  • A second issue is sensitive autoclaves.

To function effectively, new autoclaves and Statim® equipment need highly pure water regularly. Otherwise, they will need more extensive maintenance and cleaning, and their lifespan may be decreased.

  • High-Priced Purified Water

All dentists ought to use pure water in their dentistry appliances and autoclaves, but distilled water in bottles is bulky, expensive, and wasteful of labor time.

Note:- With our, dental water distiller take charge of the water you use for distillation.

Dental Instruments and Handpieces

As you certainly know, dental instruments are quite vulnerable to contamination from bacteria and biofilm. For this reason, dental units must always use distilled water. The unpleasant reality is that nationwide, tap water is consistently compromised every single year.

To stop the transmission of water-borne diseases like E. coli, giardia, and cryptosporidium, it is crucial for quality care that distilled water be utilized in this part of the service.

High-Quality Distiller That Lasts Forever

Dental Purity distillers have a prefilter that ensures the water gathered is safe and ready to be utilized with your autoclave or for any purpose. They are durable devices made especially for best dental professionals.

Save Both Money and Time

Why purchase bottled water? Going to the supermarket is costlier, it takes time, and all those containers take up valuable storage space. For bigger or smaller dental clinics, go for an automatic machine; Skyloc Dentec’s water distiller.

Water Distiller: An Essential Equipment for Autoclave

The operating medium for an autoclave must be distilled water. Even cleansed water contains different minerals that can form furring scale following evaporating at high temperatures. Over time, this might cause steam leaks due to faulty closures.

Additionally, it may cause the pressure sensor and narrow pipelines to clog, as well as the temperature sensor to dysfunctional and other issues, reducing the length of its life. Therefore, it is vital to use distilled water for the autoclave.

As long as you use tank water, the dental water distiller Provided now serves as a dependable source of high-quality pure water.

  • Distilled Water for Waterlines & Bottles in Medical Units

Starting with the purest water and then adhering to suggested cleanliness and sanitization techniques is the best approach to maintaining your dental facility’s water system hygienically. The water bottle and waterlines in dental units are made of pure water.

  • Distilled water is used in dentists’ laboratories

In dental laboratories, the purest distilled water is recommended. For cleansing dental elements, restorations, implants, dentures, and other specialized equipment, dental laboratories often utilize distilled water.

Specification of Skyloc’s Water Distiller

Water distilling ability: 1.5L/hr

Size: 29*27*46

  • Compact design to ensure distiller is suitable for hospital, clinic, lab, and office
  • Automatic Off function
  • Temperature sensor
  • High-grade Active Carbon Filter
  • Overheating protection system

Power: 750 W

This water distiller is made with an interior of the most quality stainless steel, which is why it has a very large virtual life. It features easy-to-use functions that make your daily life easier.


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