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16August 2022

Things To Consider When Buying Dental Chairs In India

The initial purchase for every dentist is a dental chair. There are many dental chairs on the market that offer a variety of features and facilities. Finding the right dental chair can be difficult.

In this day and age, it is crucial to consider the features of a smart dental chair’s durability over the course of the next ten years before purchasing one. The quality of the construction and the dependability of the control mechanisms should hold up over time and give satisfactory results for a long enough time.

Let’s divide the factors to take into account when purchasing dental chairs into three main categories for ease of description:

  • The Elements of Design
  • The components of functionality
  • The Supplemental Components

In this blog post, we will learn about the best dental chairs in India.

Importance of the Right Dental Chair

The centrepiece and pride of the dental office are the dental chairs. As soon as a patient walks into the dental office, they notice it right away. It is placed in the operatory’s most conspicuous location and represents the dentist’s most extravagant investment to date.

Ergonomic Dental Chair Design Elements


The comfort, ergonomic, and aesthetic utility of a dental unit are determined by its ergonomic design elements. The following tip is provided to assist the dentist in knowing what to look for when planning to buy a dental chair.

Chair Measurements

The Dental Chair must have dentist comfort that influence the dental unit’s dimensions.


The headrest is a crucial component of the dental apparatus that can be used to improve comfort for both the dentist and the patient. The dental unit should ideally have a double-articulated, moveable headrest that makes it easier to see places like the second and third maxillary molars that are hard to reach.

The Seat And Backrest

So that the patients can get the best support possible, the backrest of the dental unit must be wide enough.

Patients experience discomfort when there is an imbalance between the backrest and the seat. Because of this, patients often change their positions, which makes it hard to get treatment.

●  Chair instrument tray

Dentist buy Dental Instruments for procedures which requires accessibility and spacious Instrument tray in the dental chair.

The Dental Unit’s Functionality Components

By shortening the intervals between appointments, the efficiency of the dental unit can influence how competent the dentist is.

Easy and Smooth to move

The dental chair should move smoothly. The dental chair shouldn’t jolt or shake as it transitions from one position to another. The patient in the dental unit must be feeling a lot of anxiety while sitting, which could be caused by the jerky movements of the chair.

System for Emergency Safety STOP

The emergency button on the dental chair is built into the chair, so the user can stop it quickly by pressing it with their knee.

Models of Modular Smart Dental Chairs with Foot Control

The foot controls are metal joysticks that are built into the foot controls and are made for the dental unit. This improves clinical hygiene and makes operations easy from any working position.


The dental chair must undergo a lot of position changes at the dentist’s hands. As correct positioning can improve the operator’s visibility and accessibility to the oral cavity, chair positioning is a well-known factor in the success of dental treatment. The dentist, the procedure being performed, and the mouth quadrant being worked on all influence the choice of patient position. The quality of dental care can be greatly impacted by even the smallest change in the dental chair’s recline, say by a few degrees.

Best Dental Chair Online- buy Skyloc Dental Chair online

When it comes to innovation and quality assurance in the production and distribution of dental and medical products, Skyloc Dentec has become the most reputable brand. Our Best Dental Chairs in India are made from the best materials available. These are designed to keep the needs of dentists and patients altogether.
The dental chairs are fully automated and furnished. These come with features like

  • A rust-free sturdy design,
  • Microfiber cushion
  • Six to nine multi-functional positions
  • A rotary ceramic/glass spittoon
  • A thermostatic water temperature control system
  • An adjustable multi-directional headrest
  • Double armrests
  • An advanced pneumatic high and low suction system
  • High and low-speed handpiece connectors, and numerous other distinctive features.

If you are looking to buy the best quality of dental chairs in India, get in touch with Skyloc Dentec today!

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30April 2022


Dental units are the most important consideration for both the patients and dentists. Dentists required standard chairs, to carry out treatment properly while patients want to be treated in comfortable and relaxing chairs.

Eventually, choosing the right dental unit for the dental practice is not an uncomplicated exertion. The dentists have to take a bit of time to explore the options in the market. Here are some of the fundamental aspects to consider when selecting a rental unit.


The dental practice of the dentist will only be a favorable outcome if all the equipment is functioning properly. When it comes to selecting the dental unit, it’s vital to select chairs that are congenital, functional, and more reliable.

The dentist wants to have chairs that are ergonomically designed to abet the job appositely while at the same time keeping your patients in a comfortable zone. In addition, the chairs should complement the design, comfortable, and decor of the dental clinic


Congenial design

The design of a dental unit has a huge say on the patients’ consolation and overall efficiency. For patients, a dental unit must offer reliable support and proper leather cushioning. Some units are designed with PVC footrests so that patients can lay down on a dental unit with footwear.

They also come fitted with movable headrests that adjust according to the patient’s positioning. In addition, you can also find chairs with added features such as a thermostat system, double armrests, microfibre leather, etc.

For dentists like you, Best Dental Chairs in India should make it easier to treat the patients with ease. For occurrence, the dental unit should enable you to get close to a patient while maintaining a good standing or sitting posture on a dental stool. This way, you can perform dental procedures effortlessly.

When selecting a dental unit, select dental units that are not too narrow or too wide. Be certain, that patients will be more comfortable on a wide chair but it shouldn’t be too wide to restrict the movement and access to the patient. In a nutshell, the dentist should select a chair that’s ergonomically designed to augment productivity besides making the patients more congenial.

Attribute and Functionality

An Advance dental unit should make the job exacting and the patients comfortable. The chairs’ design and functionality should instantly intensify the patients’ confidence levels while at the same time augmenting their efficiency and effectiveness. The Dental Units Are Fully Automated and Equipped With a Rust-Free Sturdy Design, integral electric motor for powerful and constant power output up to 200000,  PU/Microfiber Cushion, Six to Nine Multi-Functional Positions, And Aspects Like Top/Down Mounted Tools Tray, LED operation lamp(range 50000lx-30000lx), motorized cart system Metallic/Abs Foot Control, Thermostatic Water Temperature Control System, Rotary Ceramic/Glass Spittoon, Adjustable Multi-Directional Headrest, emergency safety stop system, Double Armrest, Advance Pneumatic High And Low Suction System, High And Low-Speed Hand Piece Connectors And Many Other Unique Features.

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Elegance and Aesthetics

Elegance and aesthetics are important contemplation when selecting dental units. This is because the dental unit takes up a prominent space in the dental clinic and the patients will see the first thing when they arrive for an appointment.

The dentist can reinvigorate the glance of the dental unit by applying upholstery kits and they are quite affordable and accessible.

Warranty terms

The company is providing a 3+1+1 warranty on all products installed and operated by the Authorised Dealer or The Company or the Service Provider or a Registered Dental Practitioner.

All products shall have a warranty period of (1) one year from the date of installation. However, the warranty shall not be covered for any negligence received from the Party of the Second Part.

Warranty shall NOT be provided for the Accessories and Physical damages Servicing.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Best Dental Products in India

  • “Everything Planned Ahead Of Time”
  • With A Vast Servicing Experience and Well Developed Service Department, SkylocDentec is Now Offering Attractive Annual Maintenance Contract Packages to Make the Dental Practice More Convenient.
  • Avail of The A.M.C Packages To Get The Following Benefits:
  • Original Company Spare Parts
  • Saves Money and Makes Budgeting Easier
  • Focus On Other Things and Leave the Maintenance on the Experts
  • Emergency Support
  • Expert Technicians
  • No Hidden Cost
  • No Extra Charge for Spare Parts
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