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22July 2022

Class B Autoclave in Dentistry is it worth it?

Medical instrument sterilization is equally as critical in small dentistry clinics as it is in major medical centers. Autoclaves (also known as steam sterilizers) play an important role in establishing a safe working environment for both patients and staff by clearing dental tools and equipment of potentially hazardous foreign material, thereby substantially reducing the risk of infection. Skyloc Dentec knows how popular it is, which is why it has class B dental autoclaves.

However, not all steam sterilizers are created equal. How do some people outperform others? Continue reading to see why class B dental autoclave for dental clinics  are among the best alternatives on the market!

Types of Dental Autoclaves Available

Class N autoclaves are among the most basic versions on the market today. They are a fine alternative if you only need to sterilize flat dental equipment, but don’t expect to be able to treat any item with holes, cannulas, or even bagged dental tools.

Class S autoclaves have a dynamic pulsed air removal for uniform temperature distribution. Also advanced control system with multi-color display

They are also more versatile than class N autoclaves, but cannot sterilize medical textiles.

Reasons Why Dental Office Use A Class B Dental Autoclave To Sterilize Their Instruments

The main reason that class N and S autoclaves are not recommended for most dental clinics is that they lack the adaptability of more advanced class B models. Class B dental autoclaves, unlike the other kinds, use a powerful vacuum pump to remove all of the air from their chamber, allowing the steam to disinfect every portion of the instruments inside. They may now treat wrapped and unwrapped equipment, porous materials, and medical textile products.

What to Look for When Using an Autoclave for Dental Sterilization

The following are the aspects to look for when using a Class B Autoclave for dental sterilization.

  • Get the necessary safety equipment! 

Handling tools that could potentially carry an infection risk before sterilization will necessitate the use of appropriate protective equipment. All dental offices require that people wear gloves that are resistant to chemicals and punctures, as well as face masks and eye protection. 

  • Before Using your instruments to steam, clean them! 

Always clean and dry your dental tools before putting them in the autoclave; otherwise, the steam may not be able to disinfect every surface. Also, if you work in a busy dental practice and don’t always have time to clean your equipment straight away, remember to pre-soak them to avoid blood and biological debris from hardening on your instruments. 

  • Avoid overloading your autoclave!

 While it may appear to be a good idea to cram as many best dental instruments as possible inside your autoclave chamber, this can easily result in longer sterilization cycles or prevent the overly densely packed equipment within from coming into contact with enough steam.

What is the function of Skyloc Dentec Class B Dental Autoclaves?

Our class B dental autoclaves are best dental products which use a powerful vacuum pump to remove air from the chamber, resulting in an optimum condition for steam sterilization. By increasing the pressure in the chamber, they can simultaneously raise the boiling point of water, allowing the steam to reach temperatures well above 100 degrees Celsius. Skyloc Dentec’s class B autoclaves use high-temperature steam that ranges between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius during the dental steam sterilization process.

This lets them get rid of any potentially infectious foreign substances on dental tools and equipment, so they can be used again safely to treat patients.

The procedure is entirely automated. After loading the tools into our dental autoclave’s chamber, the sterilization process may be started with the push of a few buttons, and the instruments within will be sterilized, dry, and ready to be removed after around 20 minutes (depending on the load inside).

The doors of Skyloc Dentec’s class B dental autoclaves can’t be opened when the temperature is too high and the chamber is under pressure. This keeps unpleasant things from happening, which is good for the medical staff.

Benefits of Using Skyloc Dentec’s Class B Autoclave in Dentistry

  • Capabilities that are good for all sizes of dental clinics
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective operations
  • Easy to use and updated technology

As you can see, there are many reasons to use a class B dental autoclave. Compared to other models, their sterilization options are much more flexible, and they can be changed to meet the needs of both small and large dental clinics. They also make the most of modern technology. For more technical information about our dental steam sterilizers, check out Skyloc Dentec’s website.

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