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16September 2022

3D Intraoral scanner: The Newage Revolutionary Dental Equipment

Online shopping is not just for everyday items like vacuum cleaners and external storage drives. Platforms like Skylocdentec, wherein health care facilities and dental practitioners can Buy Dental Tools Online by choosing from a wide selection of high-quality equipment, analyzing the specs and pricing, and having them at their destination safely. You can have specialized medical resources for smart dental clinic.

Since dentists are, in a sense, dealing with medical issues, they need to exercise extreme precautions when choosing dental devices and equipment because poor choices could have serious negative effects on patients.

As a result, we are outlining some key recommendations in this column that must be observed while buying dental products from internet stores.

  • The most important initial step is assessment.

Verify that the company is functioning lawfully and selling the goods with the necessary permissions. Verify for user ratings, if you can get in touch with someone in your professional network who has previously purchased from the business, and then proceed as necessary.

  • The second step

To determine whether the business has a large portfolio of equipment in stock. A sufficient inventory is necessary to avoid having to wait for deliveries, which would postpone the distribution of the required items.

  • Verifying Payment Channels

The business providing dentistry equipment digitally should offer several methods of payment and trusted payment channels. The first is a must because buyers will disclose sensitive and private information that must be safeguarded. The latter aspect will be crucial for medical facilities with limited resources that may choose Installment and credit options.

  • Shipping Information

Verify and confirm the product’s shipping and delivery costs. First, determine whether the supplies can be delivered to the specified area. Next, find the amount of the delivery fee from the business. Sometimes, most sellers demand additional shipping charges for specific areas, which might raise the dentist’s or facility’s overall costs.

Ask and clarify, finally if the supplier of the equipment has helpful before- and after-sales consumer personnel who can be contacted in the occurrence of any issue or problem.


3D Intraoral Scanner & Its Applications

With the evolution of technology, orthodontics has advanced throughout the period and reached new heights. It has simplified dentists’ tasks and increased patient happiness and satisfaction.

The utilization of intraoral scanners, a tool that records optical imprints for dentists, is one example of how technology has advanced the discipline and its application and it is now highly desirable after. The dental industry has drastically enhanced and become more diverse since the development of this equipment and its associated components.

The development in the use of this imprint process has largely been attributed to the good response from the dental community.


Benefits of 3D Intraoral Scanner

Saves Time: Compared to the prior procedure, this approach allows dentists to serve quite as many clients as possible quickly, which results in far more patients and more revenue.

Safety: The Intraoral scanner is safe and protected for dental professionals to administer to their patients because it does not release unnecessary radioactivity.

Effective: It enables dentists to treat a patient effectively and quickly.

Precision: The latest cutting-edge 3-D video innovations are used by these intraoral scanners to accurately capture the structure and outlines of the mouth. allowing the dentist to provide precise and suitable treatment by having the proper image and measurements of the patient’s teeth structure.

Ease of Communication:  Whenever patients undergo this technique, it makes them sound more engaged in their therapy, leading to more efficient interaction. Additionally, given the excitement around innovation, this provides them the impression that they are being treated well and they will tell their friends and associates about it. You inadvertently effectively promoted and marketed the IOS.

The intra-oral scanner is been implemented and put to use in a variety of dental settings, including surgeries, orthodontics, and the fabrication of repairs as well as diagnostics and customization of prosthetics. Although its primary usage is for diagnostics, it also serves the following other objectives:

It is utilized in prostheses to create imprints of tooth structure to fabricate a variety of prosthetic restorations.

3-D IOS is utilized in surgeries to identify every aspect of the incisal edges with the highest level of precision. It is a helpful orthodontics tool for evaluation and treatment plans.


Skyloc Dentecs 3D Intraoral Scanner Specs 

  • Fast Impression Taken

Linear scanning speed up to 80 mm/s

Full arch scanning up to 90mm/s

  • Humanised Scanner Tip Design

New smaller tip, with temperature control, making it comfortable for patients while in the mouth.

  • Screw Type Cable Connection

Better cable and handpiece connection

  • Fashion & Light Handpiece Design

Streamline design with a net weight of 210gm making it convenient to handle and operate.

  • New AI Scanning Function

Detects and removes extra softer tissues, auto labeling of jaws, etc.

  • 3D Real Color

Strong color detection between teeth and softer tissues making it clear to the doctor for further processing.

  • Cloud Share

The scanned data can be shared via QR code, making communication compatible between doctor and patient, cutting the communication costs as well.

  • Complete Online Support System

Covering all aspects from basic scanning to software functions with images and texts making it easier to understand.



The IOS does have more benefits than the prior technologies. First, it lessens the agony and tension that patients experience during their treatments. Additionally, they save time and have made dental operations much simpler for both the dental practitioner and the patients.

Despite having several limitations, such as difficulty in detecting hidden margins line in prepped teeth, and high purchase and upkeep costs. It does, however, have a broad range of applications and should not be disregarded.

3D IOS is probably the way that dentistry will develop, and incorporating them into your office will put you ahead of the game in terms of dental treatment.


Buying The Best Air Compressor For Your Dental Practice

16September 2022

The Benefits of Using Disposable Dental Examination Kit

A dental exam of your teeth and gums is called a dental exam. Most adults and children should go to the dentist every six months. These checkups are essential to keep your teeth healthy. If you don’t treat oral health problems immediately, they can worsen and hurt a lot. However, today, dental exams have become regular. People often visit a dentist to get their teeth checked. So arises the need for a dental examination kit. In order to make the process safer, many dental practices are buying disposable dental examination kits.

Types of Disposable Dental Examination Kits

Although there are many types of disposable dental examination kits available, the most commonly used are the following.


Disposable 9 in 1 Dental Procedural Kit

This kit includes: Disposable Dental Probe, Disposable Patient Tie Knot Drape, Non Woven Table Cloth, One Sterile Mouth Mask, Satinless Steel Tweezer, Disposable Air Water Syringe Tip, One Pair sterile Latex Examination Gloves, Standard Disposable Saliva Ejector Suction Tip and Disposable Dental Mirror With Spatula.

Benefit: This kit has everything you need in a dental practice. This kit is designed especially for effortless and immediate tooth extraction. You can also use this kit for small dental procedures like cleaning and scaling teeth.


Disposable 18 IN 1 Standard Dental Implant Kit

The disposable implant kit includes RVG Sleeve, Light Handle Sleeve, Physiodispenser Sleeve,1 Pair Nitrile Gloves, two Headcaps, Suction Tip, Patient Gown, Disposable Dental Probe, PP Surgeons Gown, 3 Way Syringe Tip, shoe Covers-2 Pair, Non Woven Table Cloth, Stainless Steel Tweezer, 3 Ply Mouth Mask-2 and Safety googles.


Benefit: The standard dental implant kit comes with 18 instruments. As the name suggests, this kit is designed for performing dental implant procedures. This kit features a wide range of instruments that can be used for bone grafting, surgical, and implant procedures.


Disposable 35 IN 1 Premium Dental Implant Kit

This kit includes 35 dental products which include 1 Pair Black Surgeon Nitrile Gloves, assistant gown, disposable mouth mirror, one pair latex gloves, 3 ply assistant mask, 2 light handle sleeve, suction tip, Tray Handle Sleeve, RVG Sleeve, 3 Way Syringe Sleeve, X Ray Tube Cover Sleeve, Biohazard Waste Bag, 3 Surgeon Napkin, 3 Headcap, SMS Surgeons Gown, Chair Side Handle Cover, Headrest Cap and Adhesive Protective Control Panel Cover, Non Woven Table Cloth, Stainless Steel Tweezer, etc.

Benefit: This premium dental kit includes every instrument needed for dental implant procedures. This kit is designed to make implant procedures a cakewalk.


Disposable 6 IN 1 Chair Customization Kit

This disposable it has five instruments including disposable Dental Tie Knot Drape, Non Woven Table Cloth, One Sterile Mouth Mask, Disposable Air Water Syring Tip, Standard Disposable Saliva Ejector Suction Tip. and One Pair Sterile Latex Examination Gloves.

Benefit: This chair customization kit includes five instruments, which are beneficial for dentists to do day-to-day operations. These can be used to do minor dental examinations and scaling.


Disposable 3 IN 1 Dental Dignostic Kit

This small kit has only three instruments including, Disposable Dental Mirror With Spatula, Stainless Steel Tweezer, and Disposable Dental Probe.

Benefit: This small dental kit is easy to carry and can help dentists perform minor diagnostics and checkups.

Disposable 2 IN 1 Dental Camp Kit

This dental camp kit includes Disposable Dental Mirror With Spatula and Disposable Dental Probe.

Benefits: This dental kit has just two products. One is a dental mirror with a spatula and another is a disposable dental probe. You can buy it in addition to any kit.


Benefits of Buying Disposable Dental Examination kit

Due to their many benefits for hospitals, doctors, and patients, disposable dental examination kits are starting to be used in the fast-paced world of medicine. Here are the benefits explored.


Before each examination, disposable dental tools ensure that they are free of contamination. When a tool arrives at a dental facility pre-sterilized, no decontamination or lengthy sterilization process is required, saving healthcare facilities money.


Once a tool has been used, disinfected, and stored, its cleanliness is no longer traceable. Disposable, one-time-use tools ensure complete inventory accountability and traceability. To avoid inconsistencies and issues, each piece’s lot number can be traced back to the medical manufacturing plant.

Supply Logistics

Inventory that is broken, lost, or stolen costs a dental facility a significant amount of money. Single-use instruments make it possible to keep track of supplies and keep capital from being tied down by having too many of the same tool.

Risk Management

Infection control and disease prevention are two of the most important priorities in a dental facility. Contaminated instruments spread infection, cause health problems, and can make surgical recovery more difficult. When instruments are used only once, there is no risk of cross-contamination between patients.

Cost Allocation

Accounting for each tool used in the examination helps in accurately calculating the cost of each surgery. When using reusable tools, the combination of initial cost, labor cost, sterilization cost, and utilities can make accurately accounting for the total cost of procedures difficult.


While many argue that single-use tools generate more waste than reusable tools, the water, steam, energy, and electricity used to decontaminate reusable tools are more harmful to the environment than disposable tools.

Wrapping up

Disposable dental examination kit is much more convenient for traveling dentists and nurses because they don’t have to be kept and taken back to a medical facility to be cleaned and sterilized. Instead, they can be thrown away safely right away in a sharps bin. If you are looking for the best disposable dental examination kits, visit Skylec Dentec today!

Skylec Dentec does not focus on specific medical specialization tools, but rather works directly with healthcare professionals to develop innovative tools that are tailored to their specific needs. Our unique vertical integration ensures that every step of the design and manufacturing processes is carried out effectively and efficiently. This ensures high-quality products as well as quick turnaround and complete customization. See how RSkylec Dentec  can improve your disposable dental tools today.

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2August 2022

How To Choose the Best RVG

The RadioVisioGraphy (RVG) imaging system, which is commonly used in dentistry to take intraoral periapical radiographs, incorporates the most recent digital radiography innovations, delivering the highest image resolution (> 20 LP/mm).  RadioVisioGraphy is made up of a sensor, a monitor, and microcomputer components. It stands for  RadioVisioGraphy. In dentistry, this technology is used as a substitute for X-ray radiography. RVG  Sensors are designed with long-term durability and image quality in mind. This sensor is waterproof because the sensor housing is hermetically sealed. This makes it useful for a wide range of tasks.

RVG Dental Background

The origins of X-rays can be traced back to the early 18th century. It has been more than 30 years since Roentgen’s radiographic techniques were widely used in dentistry or the dental sciences. Roentgen, being an intriguing man, took the first dental X-ray of himself, exposed himself to radiation, and voila! Dental X-rays were born.

When it comes to dental X-rays, various advancements have been made in the field of dental science to date. RadioVisioGraphy, or RVG, is a new imaging technology that is getting a lot of attention in the dental community. This is because many dentists still use traditional X-ray films for imaging.

Accepting the fact that more than 90% of dental treatments and procedures require the use of dental x-rays.

How does RVG Works?

RadioVisioGraphy in dental science, as the name implies, is a dental imaging technique based on the digital radiography principle. RVG is a low-dose, rapid imaging system that uses a small intraoral sensor instead of X-ray films. It consists of a sensor inside the mouth on the area to be imaged and an X-ray device just outside of it. Unlike the first version, the latest version is linked to the computer system. The images can now be saved and converted to various formats.

Which Sensor is used in RVG?

The size 0 sensor is intended for pediatric exams. The size 1 sensor is a general-purpose sensor that works well for vertical images. A size 2 sensor is used to capture bitewing and periapical images. RVG technology has improved the efficiency of dental radiography.

What are the Advantages of Using Dental RVG?

When we hear the word X-ray, we immediately think of all the harmful radiation we are subjected to. The advantage of using an RVG completely eliminates this. The radiation exposure is reduced by 80%. Using RVG, dentists can simply ensure the patient’s safety.

Time is everything, and as a dentist, you and your patients value time the most. RVG can reduce patient wait time and speed up the entire process.

You can save yourself and your patient from unnecessary radiation exposure, as well as the time it takes to process the X-ray film. RVG allows you to edit your image, increase the contrast, enlarge it, and get a clearer picture. Data is being converted from an analog to digital format. There is no need to share physical copies of X-rays.

Advantages of Dental RVG for a dentist

  • The use of a digital radiograph increases efficiency and increases appointment intake.
  • A better understanding of the patient’s medical history can be beneficial.
  • All of the records can be stored online and easily accessed at any time.
  • Patients are very open to Dental RVG because they are amazed by how fast the scans and results are, which saves them time and gives them a better diagnosis.
  • There is no need to set aside a separate space for a dark room to create the films.

Choosing the Best RVG

Choosing the right one depends on several factors, such as the requirements, usage, cost, etc. Besides, the following are the features that make the best RVG:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Photon-counting Intraoral X-ray Sensor
  • Digital Intra Oral X-Ray Sensor
  • Nylon Coated Wire
  • Instant Imaging
  • Ultra slim for easy positioning

As your dental practice grows, the best RVG with the features mentioned above can help you cut down on the patient’s waiting time and other time-consuming tasks such as taking x-rays. By using cutting-edge technology, you can make various tasks easier and faster. In a nutshell, RVG in dentistry will help you figure out how to best make your processes work.

If you are looking for the best RVG for your dentistry, visit Skyloc Dentec. You can find a wide range of tools and equipment that make your dental practice a success. Visit the website to learn more about the products. 


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22July 2022

Class B Autoclave in Dentistry is it worth it?

Medical instrument sterilization is equally as critical in small dentistry clinics as it is in major medical centers. Autoclaves (also known as steam sterilizers) play an important role in establishing a safe working environment for both patients and staff by clearing dental tools and equipment of potentially hazardous foreign material, thereby substantially reducing the risk of infection. Skyloc Dentec knows how popular it is, which is why it has class B dental autoclaves.

However, not all steam sterilizers are created equal. How do some people outperform others? Continue reading to see why class B dental autoclave for dental clinics  are among the best alternatives on the market!

Types of Dental Autoclaves Available

Class N autoclaves are among the most basic versions on the market today. They are a fine alternative if you only need to sterilize flat dental equipment, but don’t expect to be able to treat any item with holes, cannulas, or even bagged dental tools.

Class S autoclaves have a dynamic pulsed air removal for uniform temperature distribution. Also advanced control system with multi-color display

They are also more versatile than class N autoclaves, but cannot sterilize medical textiles.

Reasons Why Dental Office Use A Class B Dental Autoclave To Sterilize Their Instruments

The main reason that class N and S autoclaves are not recommended for most dental clinics is that they lack the adaptability of more advanced class B models. Class B dental autoclaves, unlike the other kinds, use a powerful vacuum pump to remove all of the air from their chamber, allowing the steam to disinfect every portion of the instruments inside. They may now treat wrapped and unwrapped equipment, porous materials, and medical textile products.

What to Look for When Using an Autoclave for Dental Sterilization

The following are the aspects to look for when using a Class B Autoclave for dental sterilization.

  • Get the necessary safety equipment! 

Handling tools that could potentially carry an infection risk before sterilization will necessitate the use of appropriate protective equipment. All dental offices require that people wear gloves that are resistant to chemicals and punctures, as well as face masks and eye protection. 

  • Before Using your instruments to steam, clean them! 

Always clean and dry your dental tools before putting them in the autoclave; otherwise, the steam may not be able to disinfect every surface. Also, if you work in a busy dental practice and don’t always have time to clean your equipment straight away, remember to pre-soak them to avoid blood and biological debris from hardening on your instruments. 

  • Avoid overloading your autoclave!

 While it may appear to be a good idea to cram as many best dental instruments as possible inside your autoclave chamber, this can easily result in longer sterilization cycles or prevent the overly densely packed equipment within from coming into contact with enough steam.

What is the function of Skyloc Dentec Class B Dental Autoclaves?

Our class B dental autoclaves are best dental products which use a powerful vacuum pump to remove air from the chamber, resulting in an optimum condition for steam sterilization. By increasing the pressure in the chamber, they can simultaneously raise the boiling point of water, allowing the steam to reach temperatures well above 100 degrees Celsius. Skyloc Dentec’s class B autoclaves use high-temperature steam that ranges between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius during the dental steam sterilization process.

This lets them get rid of any potentially infectious foreign substances on dental tools and equipment, so they can be used again safely to treat patients.

The procedure is entirely automated. After loading the tools into our dental autoclave’s chamber, the sterilization process may be started with the push of a few buttons, and the instruments within will be sterilized, dry, and ready to be removed after around 20 minutes (depending on the load inside).

The doors of Skyloc Dentec’s class B dental autoclaves can’t be opened when the temperature is too high and the chamber is under pressure. This keeps unpleasant things from happening, which is good for the medical staff.

Benefits of Using Skyloc Dentec’s Class B Autoclave in Dentistry

  • Capabilities that are good for all sizes of dental clinics
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective operations
  • Easy to use and updated technology

As you can see, there are many reasons to use a class B dental autoclave. Compared to other models, their sterilization options are much more flexible, and they can be changed to meet the needs of both small and large dental clinics. They also make the most of modern technology. For more technical information about our dental steam sterilizers, check out Skyloc Dentec’s website.

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